The Spomb

I first found the spomb a few years back now at a charity fishing match. It grabbed my eye at first because of its bomb-like presentation, after watching the angler use it to cast 10kg of pellets over the course of the weekend. I got to watch its flight and its precision, I was also dazzled with the lack of spillage unlike what I had personally faced using a spod. I was also fascinated with the lack of disturbance it made when being recovered it aquaplanes over the top of the lake.

I have been using one now for nearly 2 years and have not even looked at spod since. No need to have a spod for all occasions the Spomb does it all. Pellet, Boilies, particles, maggots groundbait balls E.T.C. If you want to get something in your swim if it fits inside you can get it there with the spomb it's that good.

I use my spomb with a Diawa Black Widow spod rod and would recommend using at shock leader as I split my first one of and lost it when I knocked the bail arm over on a cast.

When I saw that they were manufacturing a mini Spomb I couldn’t wait as I had been that satisfied with my Spomb. But to have a Mini-Spomb meant that I could deliver more modest amounts of bait to my swim with reduced disruption. The mini Spomb is a 1/4 of the size of it big brother, holding around 10-15 15mm boilies whereas its big brother holds 60 ish.

The capacity of the mini Spomb. It can take 35 x 10mm boilies, 17 x 15mm boilies and when fully loaded with a heavy bait, like sweetcorn, it weighs 3 oz (85 gm).

I got to use my mini spomb about 2 weeks ago and was very impressed with it. I was able to deliver a large handle full of maggots to my swim and small amounts of boilies with minimum disturbance and quite a good accuracy for me. I also used it on my 3lb test curve carp rod which was more than up to the job of casting the mini Spomb out to my required baited spot. So no need to fork out on a dedicated spod rod.

I would highly endorse that you take a look at the Spomb if you are after a spod.

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