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Updated: Jul 9, 2019


Pop-Ups can, of course, be used all year round, but using brightest-coloured pop-ups as hook baits when angling for carp can be a really devastating tactic especially in the summertime. A highly visible bait, often with an intensified flavour level and presented enticingly just off the bottom is highly attractive to any carp in the vicinity. My favourite at the moment

Mainline Tutti's


There's a massive edge to be obtained by fishing with


throughout the hot summer days, especially on those days where the pressure is high and the skies clear. If you've got bottom baits and zigs in place you'll have everything covered.

The increase of pressure has had a significant effect on the lakes and rivers affecting routines of the fish. So for me doing things somewhat differently from the masses catch the most fish and the bigger ones too.

Margins that receive loads of sunshine are always crawling with an abundance of natural food during the summer months, so as you would assume carp are attracted to them like magnets. I’m mainly when fishing zigs close-range try using 1ft zigs, carp make a lot of disturbance when moving over baited areas and get used to eating particles six-inches to 12-inches off the bed as it flutters off the deck, so try making up short Zigs. These 1ft Zigs are brilliant in the summer months when fishing amongst the weed.


For me personally, surface fishing is the most thrilling style of carp fishing. Not just for the fact that it allows you to travel light and stalk, but I have the ability to get up close and personal with the fish. And the total buzz when you get a take is amazing.

Surface fishing is not a case of launching out a bunch of floating


, sitting back and waiting for bites. It’s an intelligent way of fishing, it’s about being two or three steps in front of the carp at all times, understanding the conditions and using your Skills.

On the day that you want to go surface fishing, you will want the pressure to be around 1010 mBar/hPa, or above (Google today's weather). This is where the air pressure is high, and the fish are put under pressure and will be enticed up into the top layers of the water. Excellent for placing baits on the water. The weather itself does not need to be hot, as long as the air pressure is high, the fish will be closer to the surface.

For me, it's all about using a


3ft of hook length, with 3 magic ingredients BREAD,



The bread I've used for years and caught my PB using it. It's a necessity for me.


I'm sure every Fisherman will agree carp go crazy for dog biscuits it's just a reality of life.


It can be vital to keep the hook link on the surface - Vaseline can help, when rubbed onto the line.

Happy Carping



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