Sleepy Hollow

Target Fish

Yesterday was not the best day.

I've been after one of my two target fish, down one of my local lakes since the start of the

summer right up until today.

What is Target fish?

Ever since I was a kid growing up in Leicestershire, every summer I'd be surface fishing.

Why? Because everyone knows when it is hot it's the best time to see carp cruising, taking the bait of the top of the water.

This is the crucial moment to see what carp are actually on offer, meaning you can choose your target fish.

My two Target Fish.

Ones a koi Carp, only small, probably around 10 many 11lbs, orange and white. And to be fair I'll

probably never catch the little f@#ker as it's the sneakiest carp I've ever laid eyes on.

(That's not the one I'm after.. no..

The one I'm after is the biggest carp in the lake 27lb+ common. I have named it personally (Sleepy Hollow).

Cool name hey, But why...Because simply, you don't see this fish for the bulk of the year!

And to my knowledge, no one has ever caught it. My biggest at Hollows farm being an 18.5lb mirror on this lake.

What lake am I fishing?

A small lake in the heart of Leicestershire, at a place called hollows farm day ticket. I love this place it's out the way, not many people know about it so it's not overfished.

There are features and the owner is a fantastic guy who's always happy to catch up.

And at ONLY a £5 to fish it's an absolute steal.

Whereabouts were I fishing.

If you've ever been Hollows farm, which I imagine the majority of you haven't.

There's a pallet floating in the deepest part of the lake and tbf you just can't miss it.

For the last four years, I've been fishing down there in the hotter months, surface fishing dog

biscuits and bread off the top.

Every year I see this magnificent creature taking everything but my bait off the top.

Well, I say everything.

But to be more precise, it comes in with its shoulders out the water like Quasimodo but better looking, with a massive Slurp and splash... then he disappears into the abyss not to be seen again for the duration of the session.

(This has frustrated me on a ginormous scale many times, which is another reason it's a Target


Yesterday I was down there Friday the 13th.

Fishing the same spot but from a different angle. Using the Nash bread bomb, bread and


Fishing just to the right of the pallet Sleepy Hollow's territory. Flicking in mixers with my

catapult trying to get the carp feeding.

Then a few swells followed by slurps started occurring happy days the magic is happening you

have all been there, haven't you when you know you just know lol.

Just so your aware Sleepy Hollow wasn't visible at this point, but I'm there to fish happy to catch

any carp going.

Nothing is taking my bait.

For 20 minutes nothing was remotely interested in my bread scoffing everything up but my bait

to be precise.

Then the slurps stopped, and it when quiet, no slurps no swirls strange... I flicked more mixers out.

But nothing for at least an hour.

At this point... What's going through my head is, where have the fish gone, why they stopped

taking my mixers. Shall I move spots? Nah I thought I'm gonna stick it out they'll come around

again it's free food.

All a sudden BOOM...Smash!!

A noise that I could only describe as me belly-flopping off a cliff on my last holiday.

Boom this was big this was the moment I had been waiting for. I saw it come out the water, and

crash taking my bait.. STRIKE... it was on, just me and my Diawa 10lb line, my fox floater hook, and my 6ft nash dwarf rod, between me and the beast that is...Sleepy Hollow.


15 minutes I was playing this bad boy, 15 minutes. First, it darted straight for the far bank

pushing my little nash dwarf to its limits.Then it went for the Lily pads to the right-hand side making a MASSIVE commotion.

My Hearts beating like a bastard at this point. I've caught bigger but this is a fish to be proud of and that's a scientific fact.

Bringing it in as it started to lose the fight thoughts of having my

photo to show off to the Carpstars page then...

Then Sh#t happened...

Just about to scoop it in with my net. It made one last roll the opposite direction and swish it was gone.

That feeling of gut/ anger and that moment of silence before my head exploded in every curse under the Sun. I had lost the fish I've been after for so long right at the net soul-destroying.

I was completely done, over and out, offskies home to sulk.

It's NOT over Sleepy Hollow

I'll be back and next time your mine. Our paths will cross again and I will get my trophy.

As always thanks for taking the time to read my blog.


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